Accumulating your innovation profile

InnoBadges Scheme


Contribute Sustainable Development Goals through Social Innovation.

Get involved in giving back to the innovation community and make a change.


Feel interested with each other through co-creation and collaboration.


Market Trend: In the era of disruption, innovation is taking a big hit .

Human factors seen as key to innovation success! The CEOs have main concern about the lack of innovative behaviors and fresh thinking (ideas) at their organization.

All this is affecting the ability of organizations to renew and grow.


How might we address the CEO's main concern for innovation & change pipeline with sustainable impact for both individual and company?

"In older industries and more traditional companies,

moving to become an 'innovative' company is a bigger shift but

a manageable one, especially if they can hire/groom innovative change agents."



As Innovation badges scheme that provide a continuous and public recognition, praise and prizes in your lifetime. issues sanctions to club organizers authorizing them to run innovation experience day, hackathon games & social innovation projects at regularly scheduled times and locations and to award scores at those events in accordance with the InnoBadges Scheme.

It also is the InnoBadges' responsibility to provide clubs with prompt and efficient customer service and to assist them in marketing and promoting the experience day and hackathon game of innovation.

Think Big, Start Small (Badge), Act Fast!

Please contact in-house club organizers

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